All organisations can benefit from using semantic technology to unlock the value in their data. In particular the UK Government has fully committed to providing data in an open and transparent way and is encouraging innovative re-use of public data.

OpenUp®, from TSO, shows how data can be opened up and re-used to maximise its information value.

For an overview you can read about Open Data, TSO’s OpenUp® Platform and the Professional Services that we offer.

If you’re a publisher of data then our Publisher area shows how we can help you to open up your data in the most effective way.

And our Developer area provides all the technical information you need to start using our OpenUp® Platform.

Transforming data into re-usable formats improves the transparency of information and enables the creation of new, more useful, information applications.

TSO has been at the forefront of opening up and freeing the power of data by:

  • Capturing data in a way which enables it to be structured, making it easier to be enhanced and re-used
  • Enriching data using text engineering techniques to convert to linked, machine readable formats
  • Engaging new users with the data by providing web environments that allow both humans and machines to access and use the data.

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