Data Enrichment Service - datasets

Innovative re-use of public sector information is key to stimulating the development of new information products and services, and boosting the UK’s information industry.

The TSO Data Enrichment Service mashes up your data – any data – with datasets from the UK Government’s open datastore and more.  Please try it at

This service enables TSO clients to enrich content with metadata and mark up, including identifying entities such as countries, administrative boundaries, people’s names, educational establishments, and dates.

DES enriches content using a variety of data sources, many of which play a key role in the UK Government’s open data initiative and are collected in the national datastore at

The available datasets currently include:

and the resource is growing by the day. The service also adds all-important provenance information - giving validity and authority to the mash-up - to RDF/XML serialisations, using the widely recognised Open Provenance Model.

Users can upload text for enrichment in many ways, for example,

  • Transform a webpage, using the DES bookmarklet
  • Copy and paste plain text into the editor
  • Upload a HMTL or plain text file

The enrichment service transforms content into the following formats

  • Onscreen as HTML
  • RDFa
  • XML
  • JSON

These standard linked data format can be easily integrated into web services to facilitate the provision of quality web 2.0 public services and products.