Data Enrichment Service   Version 1.0

Welcome to the OpenUp Data Enrichment Service

OpenUp Client

The OpenUp Client allows you to access DES functionality from any web page you are browsing. Simply drag the bookmarklet link below onto your toolbar and click on it when you want to know more! It's still experimental so there may be the odd glitch!

OpenUp Client

OpenUp Client

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

The client makes use of CORS, allowing data to be posted to the DES. Currently Firefox, Chrome and Safari work well for this and the client should work happily in those browsers. Unfortunately IE causes problems so we're not supporting that at the moment

The DES is infrastructure for hosting information extraction processes. A core extraction pipeline is available that provides basic annotations that many processes will need. This can be used to bootstrap a more domain-specific extraction process. DES uses GATE underneath and any GATE application can potentially be run on DES.

This site allows you to try out the core DES extraction process. Feel free to have a play ...

For developers more information be found in the Developer Zone.

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Latest Changes

13 August 2012

  • Minor improvements to various annotations.