Data Enrichment Service   Version 1.0


Note: You will need a recent Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser for these demonstrations to work.

Demo Navigator

The DES is configured to read certain RSS feeds for demonstration purposes. The list of feeds includes:

Each of the articles viewed in one of our RSS demos has RDF generated from the results. This RDF, which is one of the DES output formats, is stored in our RDF store.

To show you the kind of thing you can do with that type of processing we've created some visual demonstrations.

Popularity Demonstration

It can be quite interesting to know who is popular or trending in the news over a period of time. This demonstration, which is our latest, shows people who have had most mentions in the documents processed by the RSS feeds over a six week period. It also allows you to look at an extended timeline and see which people that person is most connected to, along with the documents in which they have been mentioned

Popularity demonstration