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The OpenUp platform is a collection of integrated services available as Software as a Service (SaaS) allowing fast deployment at a reasonable cost. Together, the services provide a highly scalable and resilient platform that allows you to store, retrieve, query and enrich your data.

For application developers the platform provides:

  • An RDF storage capability to host your linked data
  • An implementation of the Linked Data API
  • A data enrichment service

Developing with Datasets

OpenUp is all about data and doing things with it. TSO is working with government departments to convert existing data in to linked data and providing a platform for developers to create applications with it. You can see some examples of this work on the following websites:

If you have linked data that you would like to host on the OpenUp platform then we have a number of options to get you started. Please contact for further information.

Linked Data API

APIs can be made available within OpenUp to allow you to query the data that is stored on the system in a way that suits you. Underlying the APIs is linked data - but if you don't care about linked data then you don't really need to worry about that - you can get data in formats such as JSON or XML.

The APIs can be provided as instances of Linked Data API configurations. These can be created in a very flexible manner, tuned to your data. Each SPARQL endpoint can have an associated API.

The API consists of accessors, known as item and list endpoints. As the names suggest, the former returns a single resource such as a school or location, whereas the latter can return many at once. These resources can be presented in several formats, the traditional semantic formats such as RDF/XML and TURTLE, but also JSON and a simple XML representation.

Each API is designed to be as straightforward as possible – simply entering an endpoint address will return a basic set of results. If you need a more specific view of the data, you can provide a set of properties to filter by.

For a detailed look at what the API offers, go to

You can also see examples of the Linked Data API that we have implemented in our OpenUp Laboratories site.


OpenUp is our commercial offering, designed for you to build applications safe in the knowledge that everything is production strength. But OpenUp is the end product. We showcase up and coming developments and experimental work in our Labs website. You can visit this at

Your Zone

We want this site to be as helpful as possible to developers. If there is some feature that you would like to see (or need), datasets that you would like to query, or anything related to the site that you think we can improve, get in touch and tell us – we would love to hear about it.

And if you have created something brilliant using the OpenUp platform please tell us about it!