More Information on DES

Data Sets Used Within DES

Much of the data that drives the DES will come from the initiative. The following data sets are currently used:

In addition to these datasets URIs for dates are also included where possible which reference is the UK's new website for legislation. It provides an API that can be used to access data across all UK enacted and consolidated legislation.

Currently the DES only makes use of primary legislation information.

Ordnance Survey

Certain data from Ordnance Survey is also used. This consists of:

  • British cities
  • British towns
  • British other settlements
  • British water features
  • Administrative London boroughs
  • Administrative counties


Information has been acquired from Wikipedia for certain gazetteer lists. These are:

Other Data

Additional information on political parties is taken from

In addition some data from Geonames is used for countries and a small amount of data from DBpedia is also used.


The provenance of information can be an important factor for certain users. To that end the DES is starting to implement the Open Provenance Model (OPMV) as is being created with the ongoing work being done by More details on OPMV can be found at SourceForge.

Currently the DES is adding in provenance information for RDF/XML serialisations of documents. As the OPMV work is still ongoing the information generated in this respect is subject to change.