G-Cloud framework - the fast, easy way to purchase technology services

TSO is delighted to have been awarded a place on G-Cloud 5, which makes it easier for the public sector to buy cloud-based ICT commodity services including Infrastructure, Software, Platform and Specialist services. The G-Cloud 5 agreement supports the Government’s policy to centrally manage the procurement of common good and services through an integrated procurement function at the heart of government.

Services available

TSO can provide the following services through the Government Cloudstore:

Application development

TSO’s application development service incorporates requirements analysis, user-experience (UX) design, database design, coding, testing, deployment, training, project management, and support services.

The technologies we specialise in include Drupal, .NET, C#, ASP, CSS3, SharePoint, Java, XML, XSLT, XQuery, SQL, as well as RESTful and SOAP web services.

Applications can be written for multiple platforms and databases, including Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, Unix, Linux, MySQL, Oracle and MarkLogic.

Application development IL3

Providing our Application Development services (see above) but in a secure IL3 environment using security-vetted developers and project managers.

Mobile app development

TSO develops apps for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, including user-experience (UX) design, coding, testing, deployment and support. We can create both free and paid-for apps, including the development of subscription-based content to newsstand apps.

Apps can be native to the operating system, HTML5 web apps, or a hybrid of the two. Apps can be developed for Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices.

Website development

TSO has extensive experience in delivering clients’ strategy through website and website development. The technologies in which we specialise include WordPress, Drupal, .NET, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, HTML and HTML5.

Websites can be built for multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux. TSO’s website development service incorporates requirements analysis, wire-framing, graphic design, coding, testing, deployment, project management and support services.
TSO uses Agile, Waterfall (PRINCE2) or a hybrid approach to manage software development projects, according to the needs of the client.

Consumer web shop

TSO offers a white-label online shopping platform that is scalable and secure, enabling self-service ordering. Users can make payment by credit or debit card using our secure gateway. Setup includes implementation of customer branding; upload of product data and user details using a standard input file format; configuration of two customisable templates; setup of hosting environment; setup of domain name and HTTPS certificate.

E-Procurement catalogue

TSO’s white-label e-procurement catalogue makes it easy to order and tailor printed collateral, marketing materials and other merchandise. Items such as stationery, brochures or merchandising can be customised using the built-in Web2Print functionality. It makes it easy for non-specialists to ensure they are using correctly branded information. Setup includes implementation of customer branding; upload of product data and user details using a standard input file format; configuration of two customisable templates; setup of hosting environment; setup of domain name and HTTPS certificate.

Data Enrichment Service

TSO’s Data Enrichment Service (DES) processes text and extracts information via web-based APIs, which can be linked to external data sources. The DES can be used to create linked open data or as a standalone service. It is one of a range of semantic web tools, making data discoverable. The DES processes open standard formats, plain text, HTML and XML documents and can output XML, RDFa, RDF/XML or HTML and JSON, also XHTML+RDFa adding mark up to the original content. The DES uses the open source GATE framework at its core for information processing (www.gate.ac.uk).

To enable DES to extract the required information, an annotator must be created to make use of customer or industry standard taxonomies and vocabularies to apply Linked Data principles. TSO provides a core 'Starter' extraction and annotation service to extract names of people, organisations, companies and locations, as well as dates.

You can try the DES here: http://openup.tso.co.uk/des

Open data development

TSO provides development of Linked Data user-interfaces and APIs, based on our OpenUp® platform, that allow public sector bodies to achieve five star Public Sector Transparency Board Principles and open data standards.

The OpenUp® services provide a highly-scalable and resilient platform:

■   Data harvesting – gathering and aggregating data

■   Enrichment – taking text, identifying the useful data and converting it into re-usable formats

■   Storing and querying RDF – providing a highly-scalable database storage and query engine

■   Publishing and making your data available – creating websites or APIs to enable users to access your information in the most effective way

Professional data services

TSO has a team of semantic experts who have considerable experience of designing and delivering taxonomies, ontologies, data models and transformations to create powerful cloud-based applications for a wide variety of organisations.

Our Semantic Team includes several leading authorities in their field, who are active in the promotion and development of semantic standards and technologies. These experts are able to apply their skills to a wide range of practical situations to release the potential contained in clients’ data. We specialise in modelling XML schemas and ontologies for linked data (RDF) production.

RDF triplestore

TSO provides a highly-scalable, cloud-based, Enterprise-class, RDF storage platform and query engine. Offering full text search, geospatial and SPARQL 1.1 compliance, our triplestore already serves billions of triples. The triplestore is part of the OpenUp® platform of services that can Harvest, Enrich, Store and Publish your data as Linked Open Data. Find out more about the OpenUp® services at http://openup.tso.co.uk

Application hosting up to IL2 and IL3

TSO application hosting benefits from the following features:

■   High security premises

■   24/7 monitoring and technical support

■   Security-vetted staff

■   Critical component redundancy

■   Frequent backups with off-site storage

■   High-bandwidth Internet connections

■   ISO 27001 Information Security accreditation

■   ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation

■   Active/passive geographic failover options

MarkLogic hosting

TSO provides hosting for Big Data based on MarkLogic, the only ACID-compliant, Enterprise-class, NoSQL database available on the market today. TSO is an official MarkLogic partner, offering robust and scalable data hosting solutions. MarkLogic is schema-less by design which allows organisations to load their data as-is and then to search over, explore and find value in their unstructured information. TSO has a team of MarkLogic developers who can provide configuration, application and integration services and has implemented diverse solutions using MarkLogic in both the private and the public sector, including the award-winning Legislation.gov.uk for The National Archives.

About G-Cloud 5

The CloudStore is a searchable database of more than 17,000 services split in to 4 areas or Lots – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS),  Software as a Service (SaaS) and Other Services. These are designed to enable you to match your requirements to the best-fit service from suppliers. The CloudStore contains all the service and contact details of each of the suppliers and their services.

For more information visit the Cloudstore and search for TSO.

The benefits of using the framework

■   Procurement is much easier and quicker

■   It’s a lot cheaper to use

■   The range of suppliers and services is larger than any other procurement framework

■   The framework is re-tendered on a regular basis so contains the latest services and suppliers

■   You can see prices, terms and services up front

■   Services are often available to try for free or at negligible cost

■   You can talk to suppliers all you want

■   There’s no ‘lock-in’

■   There’s no need for an OJEU

■   No need for an ITT

■   No need for contract negotiation

About the Crown Commercial Service

The Crown Commercial Services (CCS) works with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. The CCS goal is to become the “go-to” place for expert commercial and procurement services.