Government Procurement Service Digital Continuity Framework

TSO is proud to be an approved supplier on the Government Procurement Service Digital Continuity Framework for Data Conversion and Migration Services and eDiscovery Solutions.

The framework agreement provides access to a range of suppliers who can help public sector bodies understand and manage their information assets and technical environment.

What is Digital Continuity and Why is it Important?

Digital continuity is the ability to use your information in the way that you need, for as long as you need. Without usable digital information, government cannot operate transparently, legally, or accountably.

Most public sector information is created digitally and the government is faced with the challenge of managing a mountain of digital data. Loss of digital continuity is a serious information risk and is more likely to happen during times of change, when technology is superseded, older file formats become obsolete, or there are changes in organisation structure and personnel.

At TSO, we have been at the forefront of working with public sector organisations to open up their information and publish it in a machine-readable, re-usable form, and through being awarded a place on the Government Procurement Service Framework, we are proud to have been recognised as experts in this field.

TSO’s Digital Continuity Framework Solutions

The Digital Continuity framework is made up of six different types of solutions. TSO is an approved supplier for the following:

Data Conversion and Migration Services

These services help to ensure essential information does not remain in systems and formats that are obsolete. Services include:

  • Consultancy advice for the migration of structured data, such as databases, and unstructured data, such as documents or diagrams
  • Professional advice relating to the migration of linked structured and unstructured data (e.g. email, collaboration systems or content and records management systems)
  • Consultancy to provide data quality enhancements to improve the quality of a customer’s data

eDiscovery Solutions

This part of the framework provides solutions to:

  • Identify relevant information by reference to metadata and its content and context, also by reference to automated content analysis i.e. not via user provided criteria
  • Provide customised access controls in which access to the information discovered by the software can be granted or denied
  • Provide audit trails relating to the access to the information and actions taken by the user within the discovery solution
  • Control access to search results and subsets of information to different users
  • Identify information by:
    • reference to keywords, phrases or wild card based searching
    • reference to the date/time and analysis of structured data (e.g. database)
    • via email analysis or duplicate or similar content
  • Retrieve information embedded within archival formats (e.g. zip, gzip, tar)
  • Identify relationships between different information based on the semantic analysis of people or place

Try our Data Enrichment Service to see how information can be extracted from text and converted into a variety of formats, including RDF/XML.

Using the Digital Continuity Framework Agreement

To find out more about how our experts at TSO can help you meet your digital information management requirements, please email