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Government solutions

The world of government communications is changing and we recognise that Open and Linked Data will remain at the heart of public sector publishing for many years to come. To engage with the change we have built a great team of talented software developers with a semantic web skill base in addition to our experienced C++, C# and XML developers. TSO is the leading provider of publishing services to the public sector and opening up and transforming public data is a natural extension to our capabilities.

Recent Projects

TSO is at the forefront of working with public sector clients in open and linked data projects. Our experts help to create, structure, capture, transform and deliver some of the most important government information. As we work with clients to open up and transform their data we have been creating tools and services to help others to do the same.

Recent projects and demonstrations:

Commercial Clients

TSO can provide a range of support to organisations wishing to make content available as Linked Data.

We can simply provide advice and guidance to organisations who have not yet embarked on these initiatives or provide a complete end-to-end service including data modelling, RDF conversion, API creation and RDF hosting.

For others who may have already converted their data to RDF, we can provide the RDF hosting via our RDF store and SPARQL endpoint set-up or API creation.

For those who don’t require any Linked Data services at all from TSO, we are happy to provide Flint, our SPARQL query editor which is free to use.

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We have built a great team of talented software developers with a semantic web skill base, to complement our team of experienced C++, C# and XML developers.

TSO’s semantic team are experts in:

  • Integration of specific taxonomies or thesauri
  • Creating custom annotators
  • Bespoke RDF conversion programs
  • Data modelling
  • SPARQL endpoint creation
  • Linked Data APIs.