Publishing for Government

If you are a data publisher who needs to open up your data to meet the Government's transparency requirements and encourage re-use, we can help. TSO has been at the forefront of working with public sector clients to open up published data to improve transparency. Our experts help to create, structure, capture, transform and deliver some of the most important government information.

We are particularly expert in publishing regularly updated, fine grained data and our managed data publishing service provides an end-to-end approach to managing your data publishing, ensuring streamlined, reliable processes that enable simultaneous web publication in many different data formats. and are examples of regularly updated websites built on open linked data principles to enable the information to be re-used.

What are semantic discoverability solutions for commercial publishers?

Using semantic technology helps organisations to acquire and share knowledge by unlocking the valuable information held in their data. Whether you need advice and guidance on how semantic enrichment could help your organisation, have already converted your data and need an RDF hosting solution, or you need a complete automated data publishing service, TSO can help. Our OpenUp® services enable:

  • Data harvesting – aggregation of data by pulling (or pushing) it from the web, APIs, databases or files

  • Data enrichment – taking text, extracting what’s useful and converting it into the required format for re-use

  • Storing and querying RDF – providing a highly scalable database storage and query engine

  • Making data available – creating websites and APIs to access your information in the most effective way

The OpenUp® platform is available as Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing fast deployment at reasonable cost. Together, the OpenUp® services provide a highly scalable and resilient platform that allows you to harvest, enrich, store and make your data available.

The OpenUp® platform can be procured through G-Cloud

Three Steps to Open Up Your Data

We open up your data in three steps: creating tools and processes to allow data to be created in a structured way; transforming content into machine-readable formats; and providing and hosting web environments that allow both humans and machines to access the data. These services can be provided individually through our OpenUp® Platform or together they form an end-to-end managed data publishing service delivering sustainable, reliable open data.

1 Harvesting - Create and Capture your data in a structured way

To enable your data to be re-used it must be created in a structured way. Our experts will first work with you to understand the requirements for your data. Once this is established we will create tools and processes that will capture content in the most appropriate and efficient way, depending on the nature of your data, the number of users capturing it and their skill set. We have created tools and processes using MS Office templates, XML authoring tools and web portals for content validation and submission.

2 Enriching your Data to Enhance and Transform

To make your data Open, Linked and Re-usable it must be unlocked from the usual print and web formats, which are only readable by humans, and converted into linked, machine-readable formats.

TSO’s experts use text analysis frameworks such as GATE to automatically enrich your content and extract information from it, enabling it to be converted into open formats, including RDF (the recommended format for linked data) XML, XHTML + RDFa and ATOM. The approach can be integrated with templates to improve the automation of making your data available.

We have created a Data Enrichment Service which uses the GATE open source text analysis framework to automatically enrich your content and extract information from it, enabling it to be converted into linked formats, including RDF (the recommended format for Linked Data). You can transform content instantly by uploading or submitting your documents through the API.

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3 Delivering Open, Re-usable Data to Engage your Audience

For the government the ultimate aim of opening up access to public data and creating it as machine readable, Linked Data enables the creation of new, more useful data applications.

For commercial publishers making your data available increases its reach, making it widely re-used, to engage your audiences.

Through OpenUp® we provide a scalable and secure environment for hosting your RDF data, making it simple to build the next generation of semantic web applications. Our platform is built on 5Store, a highly scalable, clustered, commercial RDF database storage and query engine, designed and developed by Garlik technology award winners and providers of the Data Patrol and QDOS systems. Several APIs are available to extract the data, including a SPARQL endpoint.

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Examples of TSO's work

The Gazette: The new website has been redeveloped to make it easier than ever before to reuse and repurpose its open data. Read about the new website at and was built on open data principles to enable information to be published as both human readable and machine-readable content. Read about the launch of at

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